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Ben is a real force of nature.  There’s a raw honesty and naturalness to his songs and his delivery.  He’s a generous open hearted performer, exciting, moving, uplifting and inspiring.  Every precious word is expressed with resonant clarity.

Some songs speak of walks and dreams of day and dusk and night in the gentle Cotswold Hills.  Others of violent cabin and shore battering Highland storms or haunting shadowy nights wrapped by Skye’s unforgiving Cuillin ridge; nomadic weeks with a guitar, living in a car with the sea for a bath, no plan or maps and precious little underwear; remote Outer Hebridean wilderness, writing and playing beneath eagle wings, under brilliant blood moons and the glowing green dance of the northern lights.  Some simply speak of the silent reflection of a man who is nowhere in particular.

ll of Ben’s songs are written and performed with authenticity and integrity from the landscape of his heart, singing of the experiences of a man who feels and expresses profoundly and exquisitely.   It is true to say there is something magical as well as magnetic about Ben.  Simply put, beyond the undeniably high quality of his song writing, guitar and vocal performance, Ben Maggs really entertains.

Audiences are enrapt by his evocative vocals and melodic lyricism, the energetic “nothing held back” visceral nature of his performance and engaging inter-song storytelling, all carried exquisitely by resonant acoustic guitar.

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Ben Maggs