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It’s risky turning your back on Devils Water. When you turn round again they may have shed or gained a member, or be playing a completely different repertoire. They may also be completely naked, but let’s not go there…

 At last year’s Stepping Stones, they appeared as a duo of Richard Ridley (guitar and stringed things) and Raymond Greenoaken (concertina and stringed things). This year they’re a trio, with the addition of fiddle-mandolin-and-guitar virtuoso Patrick Walker. And yes, they’ve got a completely new repertoire drawn from their soon-to-be-released third CD Treading The Marches, a collection of rarely heard songs from Cumbria and Northumberland, the area known as The Marches in earlier times. Border Ballads, Jacobite laments, comic capers and settings of local vernacular poets: all this and few mercurial local dance tunes lobbed in for good measure.

Devils Water