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Here’s a Band on track for super-stardom.

Hardwicke Circus are a massive 7 piece rock 'n' roll band: a true rock 'n' roll collective, hailing from both sides of the Scottish border & some other places that only ever existed in the 70’s.

Their music is indie rock with a confident swagger. Evoking early 70's post Altamont malevolence, dragging it kicking & screaming through a modern indie custom cab until it sounds like the Stone's are covering Catfish & The Bottlemen. Of course it doesn't hurt that their lead singer is a dead ringer for the young Mick Jagger & if that isn't enough you'd swear that a teenage Pete Townsend was playing guitar?        

“We’re a Rock 'n' Roll band, but musically I hope we’re a whole lot more,”

Jonny Foster - frontman of Hardwicke Circus

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Hardwicke Circus