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Shipcote & Friends are the hot Geordie jazzy swingy country troupe :

Graham (Guitar/ Vocals)

the silver fox songwriter who’s based and perambulates in Gateshead Upon Tyne. He was            originally with Hot Licks Cookies (30's authentic bluesy, jug band duo) and also helped form          Martin Stephenson & The Toe Rags.

Jon ( Double Bass )

who has played in Blues/jazz bands forever and ever AND has finally found his match...

Bry ( Guitar/Banjo)

the jazzy guitar master who had early career success with White Heat  and yet never played             banjo with them.

Cath ( Fiddle/Accordion )

great musician, teacher and lovely Lincolnshire lady. What's she doing with this lot.

John ( Snare )

known as Bongo to us friends. Played alongside Bry in the under 12 school cricket team and           also in White Heat.

Shipcote & Friends